Quest for The Holy Bones Scavenger Hunt


So, you think you're clever? Want a chance to prove your wits and win fabulous prizes in the process? Not quite ready to let Halloween go for this year? Come embark upon a ghastly scavenger hunt starting at TinkerTech, in beautiful downtown Ypsilanti. This quest will lead you through the streets of Ypsilanti to find clues in local art, architecture, and history markers, ending in Depot Town.



5:30 pm - 6 pm -- Team check-in and registration.
6 pm - 9pm -- The Hunt! (6 pm - 8pm -- Late team registration. There are prizes for the fastest finisher, so if you can't start right at 6pm, the hunt will still be worth your while.)

Team Size

Teams may be from 1 to 6 people. Each participant must pay for their registration separately. Teams will be recorded at TinkerTech at the start of the hunt.

Ways to Win

There are three quests you may embark upon--The Holy Bones, The Holy Grail, and Pandora's Box. The first team to find each of the idols will keep the idol and the prizes contained therein. The team to solve all the clues for a particular quest in the fastest time will also win a time trial prize, so if you get a late start, you can still be a winner!


Awesome stuff donated by local artists Cre Fuller and the mysterious Ypsi Maker.


Brought to you by TinkerTech + VC Made + Holy Bones