Frank Lloyd Wright Lamp and Controller


Made with care in the TinkerTech shop, this lamp, featuring a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired design comes with a separate controller box that allows you to cycle between various modes and adjust them. The lamp is made from stained plywood (though you'd you'd never guess looking at it) and vellum paper. A matrix of 64 programmable RGB LEDs is fixed to the bottom of the lamp, allowing for white, solid colors, and a fire simulation effect. The controller includes a living hinge design, which is a technique in which a flat piece of wood is laser cut to produce an accordion pattern that allows it to flex and produce rounded shapes. The knobs on the controller feature an aluminum shell for a great look and feel. Behind the TinkerTech logo is a capacitive touch sensor; a short press will turn the lamp on or off, while a long press (>0.5 seconds) will change the lamp to the next display mode.

Operation Modes:
1) White w/ color temperature & brightness adjustment
2) Color w/ color selection & brightness adjustment
3) Fire simulation w/ sparking & airflow adjustment

Here's a video demonstrating the lamp's various operation modes.

The lamp is 4" L x 4" W x 11.75" H and the controller is 2" L x 5.5" W x 3" H.

Lamp pattern design credit.