Checkout Class: Introduction to Sublimation

What is sublimation printing?

Sublimation printing, also known as dye sublimation printing, is a popular printing method for transferring images onto suitable materials. This process involves the use of a digital printer to produce images on sublimation transfer paper with sublimation ink. The sublimation paper is then placed into a heat press with the material and exposed to high temperatures of about 350˚ to 400˚. This is when the ink and transfer material turn from solid to gas. Once they are in a gas state, they permeate the fibers of the material. This printing method is best used on products and gift items such as polyester apparel or hard surfaces with a poly-coating, such as keychains, coasters, mugs, mousepads and more. 

In this class, participants will learn: 

  • Intro to presses: flat, mugs/attachments, hats
  • What materials/products we can use on the heat presses
  • How different materials vary with pressure, temp, and time
  • How to print using the Sawgrass SG400 Printer
  • How to use heat tape
  • Heat gloves, and how they make things a lot less painful
  • Helpful sites/answers to sublimation printing

Note: Members who complete this class will be certified to use these tools on their own!