BCD-to-Decimal Decoder - CD4028


CD4028 types are BCD-to-decimal or binary-to-octal decoders consisting of buffering on all 4 inputs, decoding-logic gates, and 10 output buffers. A BCD code applied to the four inputs, A to D, results in a high level at the selected one of 10 decimal decoded outputs. Similarly, a 3-bit binary code applied to inputs A through C is decoded in octal code at output 0 to 7 if D = "0". High drive capability is provided at all outputs to enhance dc and dynamic performance in high fan-out applications. 


  • Code conversion
  • Indicator-tube decoder
  • Address decoding - memory selection control

Description above from Texas Instruments, see data sheet for more information - https://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/cd4028b-mil.pdf