Meet our March Tinker Techie: Nathan

Meet our March Tinker Techie: Nathan

What do you do after snow and ice has hit the ground and halted all opportunity to race your favorite remote controlled sports car? This is the dilemma Nathan Mayo, 8th grader at Washtenaw International Middle School, faced this wintry season. However, instead of packing away his vehicle until spring, he put on his thinking cap and begin to search for potential solutions.

Nathan and his mother, Jamie Mayo, the Assistant Technology Coordinator for Washtenaw International School District, had previously identified TinkerTech as a space to foster Nathan's design capabilities. Nathan completed many of TinkerTech's workshops, which enabled him to shape his vision into a working creation.

Nathan quickly saw the issue that prevented his car from moving in the snow. The car was designed with rear wheel drive. This means that as the back wheels rotate, they are intended to move the front wheels into rotation, which ultimately accelerates the car. Unfortunately, with snow and ice on the ground, the front wheels couldn’t achieve the traction needed to move them into rotation. Something had to be done about those front wheels. But what? Nathan had an idea. Nathan recognized that replacing the front wheels with skis would make it easier for the rear wheels to do their job and accelerate the vehicle through the snow.
The next in step Nathan’s quest to drive his remote-controlled vehicle in the snow meant getting skis attached to the front of his vehicle. While buying tiny skis to fit his car may have been an option, Nathan opted for designing and creating them. Nathan came to TinkerTech with a design in mind, and brought this to life in SolidWorks, our 3D CAD software. He then used our Prusa 3D Printer to print the vibrant red skis. 

The next SolidWorks class starts March 28th. We invite you to join. Use code TINKERTECHIE3 and get 30% of your class, if registered by March 15th. Get Registered. 

Congratulations Nathan, on your tech creation!

Do you have ideas and concepts that you’d like to see come to life? We have the space, technology and knowledge. Let us help you learn how to use design software like SolidWorks, to design something functional, interesting, and/or amazing. Then bring your design to life with our 3D printer.

TinkerTech, located in downtown Ypsilanti, provides what it takes to create with tech. You can access our SolidWorks and LightBurn design software, soldering workspaces, our Prusa 3D printer, our industrial laser cutter, and everything in between to will create with tech. If you are interested in a direct solution, TinkerTech Consulting is here to help. We will meet with you, discuss your vision, present a plan of action, and bring your vision to creation. Reach us directly at or 734-707-8019.

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