Meet Marianna: TinkerTechie of the Month & Chocolate Maker

Meet Marianna: TinkerTechie of the Month & Chocolate Maker

If life is like a box of chocolates, TinkerTech can help you design it! 

Meet Marianna Coulentianos, our TinkerTechie of the month! Marianna is utilizing the tools at TinkerTech to design and create. She produces custom pieces to better package the delicious fairtrade chocolate that she makes. 

She shares the following story about how she got into making and designing chocolate bars and their boxes:

My late grandfather was a sculptor and artist and my father currently handles his legacy. An idea that sprouted one day was to gift chocolate to the buyers of my grandfather's art, as a thank you for investing in the art. I, therefore, set off to try to make a chocolate bar that would be 'inspired' by my grandfather's art. I'm still solving some issues on the molds and the boxes, and TinkerTech has definitely had a great part in getting me there.

Here you can catch a glimpse of the latest prototype I made-

Marianna’s grandfather was Costa Coulentianos (also spelled Koulentianos). 

These two collages are actually part of my father's favorites and are hanging in my parent's house in Paris.

The laser cutter and computer software at TinkerTech are Marianna’s main tools for developing prototype boxes and testing them out.  We asked her a few questions about TinkerTech--

What led you to TinkerTech?

I’m a Ph.D. student in Engineering at the University of Michigan, I found TinkerTech when participating in A2 Health Hacks, a weekend hackathon that I participated in a year ago. TinkerTech was sponsoring the event so we spent the weekend working there and I loved it. I signed up as a member a few months later.

What benefits do you see to having this maker space in Ypsilanti?

It's my accountability, I make sure to come in a couple of times a month if I can to work on personal projects. Having the space in Ypsi is perfect for me because I work in Ann Arbor and live in Detroit, so it's in the middle. It's also allowed my partner and me to discover Ypsi a little more and we love the coffee shop next door.

Marianna’s chocolates are only available as gifts for those who invest in the art of her grandfather. More information about Costa Coulentianos and his work can be found here and here

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